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A Powerful & Easy to Manage Webuzo Panel VPS Hosting

A powerful and easy to use Web Hosting Control Panel used by users around the world with premium features such as integrated Onclick Installation, LEMP, LAMP, and various Apps to choose from.

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Providing award-winning hosting solutions since 2015, YouStable aims to ensure that best web hosting is accessible to every rising entrepreneur.

Pay Only For What Your Site Needs

YouStable offers a completely open environment with its VPS Hosting plans. Select the plan of your choice and experience the power of true virtual private servers.

  • Core


  • Memory

    2 GB

  • Storage

    50 GB

  • Bandwidth

    500 GB


AED 46.48
per month

Self Managed VPS Hosting Plans

Scroll through cheap VPS hosting plans and choose the ideal solution. All the plans are custom made to help boost your site.

Plan Name Core Memory Storage (SSD) Bandwidth Root Access Panel Price
vStart 1 CPU 2GB 50GB SSD 500GB YES youstable-webuzo

AED 46.48/mo

Deploy Webuzo VPS
vProfessional 2 Core 4GB 100GB SSD 1 TB YES youstable-webuzo

AED 75.64/mo

Deploy Webuzo VPS
vElite 4 Core 8 GB 150 GB SSD 1.5 TB YES youstable-webuzo

AED 116.44/mo

Deploy Webuzo VPS
vStable 6 Core 12 GB 250 GB SSD 2 TB YES youstable-webuzo

AED 145.55/mo

Deploy Webuzo VPS

Easy to Install Webuzo Panel on your VPS Hosting Plan

You can Install Webuzo Panel once you receive the root credentials of your VPS by running a single command and following the instructions, we can also install Webuzo ON DEMAND*.

wget -N 
chmod 0755  
./ // This will install the LAMP Stack, DNS Server and FTP server along with Webuzo

Here's What You Get With YouStable's VPS Hosting

YouStable offers self managed VPS Hosting with industry leading hardwares and high end security.

Powerful NVMe SSD Drives

Feel the power of NVMe SSDs. These drives are 600x faster than the traditional ones. YouStable uses pure NVMe SSD servers, which provide turbo fast VPS hosting.

100 Mb/s Network

YouStable offers a lightning-fast 100Mb/s network speed to offer you the fastest VPS hosting service. Experience lightning fast loading time and utilize unlimited bandwidth.

KVM Virtualization

YouStable uses KVM virtualization technology to offer you the most isolated and independent environment to streamline your online projects.

Dedicated IP

YouStable offers you a free dedicated IP with every VPS hosting plan. Dedicated IP will help you get a better ranking on search engines. Don’t compromise with your website and buy cheap VPS hosting now.

IPv6 Support

Prevent your site from private address collisions & get better multicast routing with built-in authentication. YouStable offers Free IPv6, making their VPS hosting the best VPS hosting available in the market.

Superior Support

Experience the best hosting support from YouStable. Our dedicated team of technicians will help round the clock. Contact our VPS hosting experts via Call, Chat, Ticket and Email.

Our VPS Hosting Experts Are There For You

Feel free to ask any of your queries realated to VPS hosting servers. Our skilled professionals are available 24/7/365 for every support you need.

server room

Why Choose Cheapest VPS Hosting From YouStable

We understand the needs of a user. We aim for perfection. 3 key features that makes our cheap VPS hosting best in class.

We understand the importance of time, and that is why we offer you an instant setup on your self managed VPS. Our most reliable VPS server will be immediately activated, and this facility keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.

We offer multiple Operating System support. You just have to tell your requirements from the options available.

  1. CentOS

    CentOS has been in the market and then since 2004 and since then, this is the most loveable operating system for VPS server hosting

    CentOS Linux distribution is an easily manageable platform originated from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS is best for businesses and developers.

  2. Debian

    Debian is a project which was initiated and developed after the need of an open-source operating system started to pop up.

    Debian is widely used for laptops, desktops and most important Servers! Debian is one of the most reliable and sustainable operating systems which was launched in 1993.

  3. Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is the most famous Linux operating system which is free for both professionals and community owners. Ubuntu is free for all and is best suitable for both desktop and servers.

    Ubuntu is the best platform for beginners and basically developed for personal computers. Ubuntu is a powerful operating system and it is also good for enterprise-level servers.

  4. Fedora

    Fedora is a Linux based operating system that was designed for big purposes and this flexible operating system includes the best and latest datacenter supportive technologies.

    Fedora is a creative and open-source platform that is good for hardware, clouds, and server containers.

A dedicated team of technicians is there round-the-clock to help you with the things you get stuck with. YouStable offers multiple options to contact their customer service, Call, Chat, Ticket and Mail.

You will get local language support and our team is active 24/7/365.

Our team will solve all your queries within a snap.

Maximum Operating System Support!

YouStable offers custom operating system installation support! No matter which OS you need in our VPS hosting server, YouStable has got it all for you.


VPS Panel Hosting Solution On YouStable

Buy multiple hosting solutions, like WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc with optimised features at cheapest prices.

50,000+ Happy Customers!

YouStable is an Indian brand that was established in 2015. And today we have more than 50,000 satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Queries

VPS Stands for Virtual Private Server. With VPS hosting you get a private space for your site. In other words, when you get a separate space in a dedicated server it is said to be VPS Hosting.

You can find Cheap VPS hosting for your site, but for that, you need to do an in-depth research. Here are the most important features of reliable VPS hosting.

  1. Full Root Access
  2. Better Server Uptime
  3. Best Response Time
  4. Dedicated IP
  5. IPv6 Support

Follow these steps to set-up your Virtual Private Server (VPS):

  1. Purchase the best VPS hosting for your site
  2. Root Access Login
  3. Install the Operating System of your choice
  4. Install Web Server
  5. Install Database of your choice
  6. Install PHP with the most compatible version.

Add a new user to your VPS server in just 5 steps.

  1. Step 1: Login in to your VPS through SSH
  2. Step 2: Update your server configurations
  3. Step 3: Create a new user
  4. Step 4: Enable Public key authentication
  5. Step 5: Set up your Firewall.

The best part about YouStable is, we do not place any limits on Inode. It totally depends upon the specifications of the server.

There’s no limit on Inode making YouStable one of the best VPS hosting providers available on the internet.

YouStable recommends VPS hosting when you need better reliability, dedicated resources, dedicated IP, better efficiency, improved performance, easily scalable resources and most important fully self managed VPS Hosting KVM.

Yes. YouStable offers full root access VPS which gives you a totally open and separate environment. You can even install the operating system of your choice, all the essentials like PHP, Database, & Web Server.

YouStable offers VPS hosting with root access to ensure that you get premium private space at afforable prices.

Difference between VPS and Shared Hosting.

In Shared Hosting multiple users are assigned to one server. They share their resources with multiple website owners, while on the other hand VPS hosting which stands for Virtual Private Server hosting we get a private space for our website with increased security, flexibility, fast processing speed, and dedicated IP.

While comparing the features of Shared Vs VPS, VPS obviously wins.

Let’s break them down point to point.

Shared Hosting VPS Hosting
You share resources on a server with other website owners You have your own private space, no sharing, no caring
Shared hosting is best for beginners, and personal sites like blogs, and for startups VPS hosting is an open space, which is best for small businesses, online stores, and professional sites
Shared Hosting is comparatively slow VPS hosting gives your site better speed and efficiency
Shared Hosting is very cheap VPS Hosting is neither cheap nor expensive

When you purchase KVM VPS hosting from YouStable, we will send you an email and in that email, you will get 3 important details: Username, Password and IP.

This IP will help you point your domain to YouStable. You have to copy-paste that IP in your DNS settings. And this will redirect your VPS hosting server to your Domain.

As you all might know, cheap VPS hosting is an open space, which is best for small businesses, online stores, and professional sites.

Serious companies should use SSD VPS hosting if they want a hassle-free hosting experience and don’t want their site to work slow.