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YouStable Affiliate Program is your best passive recurring income source. Become a partner with us and earn a handsome amount every time you refer a new customer to YouStable.

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High Commission Affiliate

You can generate good passive income every time you make a sale. YouStable affiliate program gives high profit margin & helps you earn more.

  • 1-10 Sales/mo- 10% Recurring Commission
  • 11-20 Sales/mo- 15% Recurring Commission
  • 20+ Sales/mo- 25% Recurring Commission

Three Steps To Get Started

Jump to the partnership page of YouStable and follow the steps to become our partner. And it is completely Free to join, If you Join Right Now you get a special bonus of $10.

  1. Jump to partnership page
  2. Sign Up and let’s shake hands
  3. Confirm your email and we are good to go

Features That Affiliate Marketers Of All Level Need

Sit back and watch your revenue grow with quick and easy sharing tools. Our dedicated affiliate managers are there to help.

Attractive Affiliate Banner
Attractive Affiliate Banner

YouStable gives you attractive hosting sale banners, which increases client engagement to purchase hosting from your referrals.

Training Material
Training Material

Don’t worry if you are at a startup level of Affiliate sales. You will get the most comprehensive guide to help you with the hosting knowledge.

Handsome Startup Bonus
Handsome Startup Bonus

Instantly receive a welcome bonus for signing up with YouStable. You can debit the amount when your earnings reach a minimum of $50.

YouStable Affiliate Support
YouStable Affiliate Support

Read our knowledge base or contact our support team, if you find yourself stuck at any point or confused with the terms and conditions.

Build Your Custom URL
Build Your Custom URL

Create Affiliate links as per your content with better campaign targeting and create more leads. Custom domains can make it easier for your clients to find your site

Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

The powerful affiliate dashboard from YouStable gives you the best-detailed tracking, monitoring earnings and unique click campaigns.

Ready To Become An Affiliate?

It’s time to become a YouStable affiliate partner and start growing your passive income. Embrace the standards of your growth.

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Eliminate your Doubts

Clear your doubts before becoming the affiliate partner of YouStable.

This is one of the highest paying Affiliate Programs and we pay up to 25% recurring commission.

It should show up immediately. If it doesn't you can contact Affiliate support team.

Log in to On the bottom right side, you will see all of your pending and approved commissions

Log into your affiliate account to access YouStable marketing materials by clicking the “Banners and Links” Tab. Choose the marketing material you would like to add to your site. You will see Banner codes on the right hand side. Copy/paste this code to your site. When someone clicks on that link and purchases a hosting account, you earn a commission.

Yes, but please do not bid on our corporate name, variation of our corporate name, misspelling, or any keyword that contains a portion of it including "YouStable", "YouStable Hosting", "".

Focus on bids for keywords like "fast hosting", "PHP hosting" and "WordPress hosting". Please contact us if you need help brainstorming keywords. Make sure to add YouStable, YouStable hosting, & as negative campaign keywords.

After 60 days a valid sale will change from status “Pending” to “Approved”. Once the sale is “Approved” it will be paid during the first 7-15 days of the month.

There might be a few reasons for this. Sometimes we need more time to validate a sale. Contact our customer care ensure that your payment method is correct.

Rejected means the commission has failed permanently.

Some reasons for this could be:

  1. The customer has already signed up with us in the past.
  2. The same payment method was used as another account.
  3. The system detected that you and someone else is using a single customer account.
  4. Our payout of 25% recurring per sale is often way more than we recover from the customer even after 1 year.
  5. We have a strict policy in place to catch referrals that do not meet our guidelines. If you are referring to a friend or a customer just give them a link or a coupon.

This plan is not going to work with us (or any other hosting affiliate program). Once there are matches made accross multiple accounts the commission's fail. This is done to prevent the same person from signing up and making money off our affiliate program by referring to themselves.

You might want to consider hosting the customers directly and bill them yourself using something like PayPal. You can buy a reseller hosting account from us and get started.