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Fast,Easy & Secure CyberPanel VPS Hosting

Get a preconfigured CyberPanel VPS server in Dubai with instant setup. Benefit from our CyberPanel Addons, including easy backup, OpenLiteSpeed, and restore features.

  • OpenLiteSpeed Optimised VPS
  • Easy Scalability for Resources
  • 1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
  • Dubai Data Center
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Best And Affordable CyberPanel VPS Hosting in Dubai

Are you in need of CyberPanel VPS Hosting? We have exactly what you're looking for, and even more!

Youstable vStart


50% Discount

AED 25/mo

  • CPU
    1 CPU
  • RAM
    4 GB RAM
  • NVMe SSD
    50 GB NVMe SSD
  • BandWidth
    750 GB Bandwidth
  • Youstable CyberPanel
Youstable vProfessional


50% Discount

AED 44/mo

  • CPU
    2 CPU
  • RAM
    6 GB RAM
  • NVMe SSD
    100 GB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth
    1.5 TB Bandwidth
  • Youstable Cyberpanel
Youstable vPopular


50% Discount

AED 77/mo

  • CPU
    4 CPU
  • RAM
    8 GB RAM
  • NVMe SSD
    120 GB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth
    1.75 TB Bandwidth
  • Youstable Cyberpanel

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CyberPanel VPS Hosting Features

YouStable offers cutting-edge technology for faster loading websites, and we are fully equipped to provide comprehensive support in every aspect

Free and Open Source

Free and Open Source

CyberPanel, the pioneering open-source control panel that offers seamless management of LiteSpeed Enterprise and OpenLiteSpeed. Easily handle your hosting needs with CyberPanel

Install with one click

1-Click CyberPanel Install

Provide one-click installation for popular frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mautic, and various other content management system (CMS) platforms.

Cache LiteSpeed

Cache LiteSpeed

The LSCache plugin is unparalleled on a Litespeed server. It ensures fast loading times for your websites through efficient page and server-level caching.

Unlimited installations

Unlimited installations

There are no limitations on the number of installations or websites within the free CyberPanel control panel.

Monitor Easy Resources

Easy Monitoring

You have the ability to initiate a restart of the LiteSpeed server or suspend the troublesome website. You can also monitor your CPU, memory, and disk usage at any time.

Let's Encrypt SSL

Let's Encrypt SSL

CyberPanel VPS Hosting has default auto-renewal activated to ensure that your Certificates are automatically renewed before they expire!

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24/7 Friendly Customer Support

What if you encounter a problem? Fear not! We have you covered with our dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to swiftly resolve any issues you may face, 24/7.

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Technologies YouStable Works With

We are committed to delivering top-notch hosting in Dubai by harnessing industry-leading technologies that will optimize your website's speed to the fullest.

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Available Operating Systems

Manage your website effortlessly without any limitations, thanks to the seamless compatibility of our Dubai VPS servers with your preferred operating system. Our servers are designed to work smoothly with all operating systems currently available in the market.

Youstable Alma


Youstable centos








What Our Customers Says!!

Founded in 2015, Youstable is an Indian brand that has made significant progress and continues to strive for excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer them!

What is CyberPanel VPS hosting?

CyberPanel VPS hosting utilizes the CyberPanel control panel that is installed on the Virtual Private Server (VPS). It has an intuitive interface for web site management as well as server resource control. With features such as the one-click WordPress installing, LiteSpeed web server, integrated email management, as well as security measures CyberPanel VPS hosting offers the most efficient hosting experience.
Users can manage databases, domains and email accounts, as well as monitor server resources and ensure maximum performance for their websites. It's a great option for both businesses and individuals who want a straightforward but effective control panel to manage their VPS hosting requirements.

How to setup CyberPanel manually on VPS Server?

Follow these steps to set-up your Virtual Private Server (VPS):

  1. Purchase the best CyberPanel VPS hosting for your site
  2. Root Access Login
  3. Install the Operating System of your choice
  4. Install Web Server
  5. Install Database of your choice
  6. Install PHP with the most compatible version.

Add a new user to your VPS server in just 5 steps.

  1. Step 1: Login in to your VPS through SSH
  2. Step 2: Update your server configurations
  3. Step 3: Create a new user
  4. Step 4: Enable Public key authentication
  5. Step 5: Set up your Firewall.

Does YouStable offer CyberPanel VPS hosting with root access?

TYes, YouStable provides VPS hosting with complete root access, allowing you to have a completely unrestricted and isolated environment. You have the freedom to install your preferred operating system, along with essential components such as PHP, a database, and a web server. YouStable offers VPS hosting with root access to guarantee a premium private space at affordable rates.

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